We teach how to master the techniques required for braiding and the elements it takes to achieve an intended style.
We have taught people to braid for many years; and it’s our experience in doing so that has helped us to package our courses/workshops to meet the needs of our learners. We deliver this through:
Level 1: Our beginner’s course is formulated for those who have little to no experience with braiding hair. It introduces the learner to the fundamentals of the art. This consists of the methods, tools required and simple styles.
Level 2: Or intermediate course, put together for those who already have the ability to braid but want to develop their standard and achieve intricate styles.
Level 3: This level has been carefully prepared for professional braiding stylists who already know the fundamentals of braiding and have perfected braiding techniques and styles. This is the Business element of our courses; it is where the professional is put through business training in order to go on to work in a hairdressing establishment or run their own hair business. Trainees are put through a series of tuition focused around all aspects of running a business. This consists of customer care, pricing, legal requirements and much more.
Courses run all year round consecutively so that learners can go through all three levels if they wish.  We also run regular one day workshops.
After these courses, learners will have an accreditation which can go towards further hairdressing education, to begin their own businesses or simply harness a lifelong skill to develop, continue and pass on. Learning this skill can really save individuals a lot of money and can potentially make professionals a lot of money.

Braiding Hub

Our hair braiding HUB is our portable children’s salon.
Mainly, our HUBS take place in after school clubs where children can get their hair braided directly after they finish school. This gives parents an opportunity to be free from doing their children/s hair in the week or on the weekend.

We have different stylists based in a variety of after-school clubs across several regions.  We have two stylists at each Hub offering braided styles and haircuts for children.
This is a familiar place for the children and may help them to feel more comfortable. Parents need only have their child’s hair washed and ready for styling and pay a deposit to secure a slot. The remainder is paid once the style is complete.
All members of staff are DBS checked and have past experience working with children.

It is possible to hire our Braiding HUB to take place in other venues such as clients private home, youth centre etc.
We also host children’s parties where our client can choose our braiding HUB experience and/or face painting, games, manicure and pedicure, and children can also have the opportunity of playing hairstylist for the day.